Generate new income for your school

and improve your cash flow

AES offers monthly tuition payment plan solutions designed specifically to improve your cash flow and generate significant new income for your school! 

With the Payment Plan Manager© software system running your in-house tuition payment plans, you receive your tuition payments immediately and retain the fee income!  Payment Plan Manager© is so powerful and so complete, you don't have to worry about increasing your staff to handle the work...Payment Plan Manager does the work for you!

It's quick, it's easy, it's thorough and it's efficient!

If you prefer a fully managed monthly payment plan instead of in-house, our outsource option provides the services you want and need...along with unparalleled revenue sharing AND our exclusive NO FLOAT POLICY! That means  we deposit your monthly payments directly into your bank account…we never hold your funds!

So…whether you choose the in-house solution or the fully managed outsource plan...AES means new income and improved cash flow for your school.