Outsourced Payment Plans 

AES offers the RIGHT payment plan solution for your school. If you like the financial rewards of in-house payment plans...without the work involved...you should consider our fully managed, outsource option. This program was designed specifically for schools that feel their current staffing may not permit in-house tuition payment plans.

With this service, AES staff will perform all duties related to operating your monthly payment plans. Everything from marketing the plan to your students and parents to maintaining and managing all the monthly payment data will be done by us.

And with our exclusive "NO FLOAT" policy AES will NEVER HOLD YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT FUNDS...even so much as one day! All payments are deposited directly into your bank account accelerating your cash flow when compared to any other outside managed plan.

In addition, our generous revenue sharing plan guarantees your school will earn more new income compared to any other outside payment plan provider...with absolutely no work involved for your staff! And to keep you in complete control of all your payment plan accounts, we provide real time access to your account data from our secure Internet server.

So if you like the idea of getting the best of both worlds...

  • Totally flexible payment arrangements that you design
  • Greatly accelerating your cash flow
  • Earning new revenue

with absolutely no work and no capital investment...then check out our unique fully managed, outsourced payment plan service.